Royal Burgers' Zoo

The conference will reside within the Royal Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Although already founded in 1913 this zoo is far from old fashioned. It is a very modern zoo, with large enclosures and a primary focus on animal welfare. For example, in the 70's, led by Jan van Hooff, the zoo was the first zoo in the world to keep chimpanzees in a large multi-male multi-female group. Since then, this chimpanzee population has been one of the most studied chimpanzee populations in the world, and many renowned primatologist started with observing the chimpanzees in Arnhem. 


Burgers' zoo has kept up that innovative character and  has several eco-displays, where large scale natural habitats are recreated in which animals, nature and visitor roam together. For example, in 1988, one and a half hectares of tropical rainforest (the Bush) was opened to the public, and the conference will reside in the midst of this Bush. It's newest addition (since 2017) is a 3000 square meter indoor Mangrove.

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Safari Meeting Center

Specifically, the conference will be held at the Safari Meeting Center, from which on the one side you can see the bush and on the other side you will have a fantastic view over the largest East-African plain in the Netherlands. This state-of the art conference center offers us a large plenary room, a foyer with plenty of room for poster presentations and lively discussions, as well as two additional lodges for the parallel sessions. 

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In addition, we will be welcomed in the Safari Restaurant for our lunches and the closing banquet on Friday, where they serve healthy, sustainable and mostly biological food. 


And obviously, you are all welcome to roam the zoo, to stretch your legs, see some primates and network with colleagues.